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Ramadhan Food Service

During Ramadhan GCM have delivered 2,000 (two thousand) food packs and 14,000 (14 thousand) hot meals.

This is distributed via a collection service on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

And a door to door service runs on the same days with over 15 drivers each day delivering to:

– Elderly and Vulnerable individual households
– Hotels housing asylum seekers
– Student accommodations
– Women Shelters
– Homeless Shelters
– Queen Elizabeth Hospital
– Glasgow Royal Infirmary
– Wishaw General
– GP surgeries

We would like to say a ‘big THANK YOU’ to all the volunteers and donators. With covid guidelines in place this has been an even more challenging and complex task.

May Allah (swt) grant our community the ability to continue supporting such programs and Grant our volunteers the best of happiness, health and imaan.


Eid Dinner

Glasgow Central Mosque are humbled to provide an Eid Dinner for all vulnerable members of our community.

This can be collected on Sunday 24th May between 1pm and 3pm from Car Park 1 in Glasgow Central Mosque.

Delivery is also available for the elderly and vulnerable islolating at home.

Please comply with all social distancing guidelines and leave immediately after collection.

Jaz’a’kallah Khair

GCM Virtual Ramadhan

We are pleased to announce our weekly timetable with all our virtual activities to help you stay connected with Glasgow Central Mosque this Ramadhan.

A PDF copy is available to view or download HERE

This Ramadhan will be unlike any other. May Allah swt keep us connected to the Masjid and make these efforts beneficial for us all.

We welcome your feedback.

Ramadhan Food Service

With the continued lockdown, GCM will be introducing three additional initiatives as part of our ongoing support project during these difficult times. These services will run throughout Ramadhan and will entail the following:

*    Hot food Iftari on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. These can be collecting from our Courtyard between the hours of 5pm and 7pm. There will also be a delivery service scheduled for the elderly and vulnerable who live alone.

*  Hot food Iftari for NHS staff at QEUH and GRI on a Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

*   Weekly Food packs available every Monday. These can be collected from the Glasgow Central Mosque Courtyard between the hours of 5pm and 7pm. There will also be a delivery service scheduled for the elderly and vulnerable groups including those who have experienced a loss of income.

This Ramadhan will be unprecedented, with mosques closed and our normal iftari service not available.  We appreciate the difficult circumstances NHS staff are working under. And we understand the community is experiencing difficulties especially those that have lost income during this lockdown period. Therefore, we hope these measures go some way to alleviate this during the blessed month of Ramadhan.


Ramadhan 2020/1441 Announcement

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the moonsighting committee held a virtual meeting tonight and agreed that on this occasion each individual Masjid will make its own decision.

Glasgow Central Mosque will be observing the first fast of Ramadhan on Friday 24th April (tomorrow), which means Taraweeh, from your home, commences tonight In’sha’Allah.

The GCM Ramadhan timetable can be viewed or downloaded HERE.

May Allah SWT grant everybody all the spiritual benefits of Ramadhan.

Jaz’a’kallah Khair

Ramadhan 2020/1441 AH

Alhamdulillah we are pleased to make available the 2020 Ramadhan timetable.

An electronic copy can be downloaded and printed HERE.

Jama’at, Taraweeh and Eid prayers will only take place if restrictions on Masjid opening are lifted. Please check government guidance on lockdown.

May Allah (swt) protect us all, make Sha’ban blessed for us, and let us reach Ramadhan.

Online Schedule

Glasgow Central Mosque are pleased to announce a weekly timetable with all activities in virtual format.

A PDF copy with clickable links is available to download HERE.

May Allah swt make this beneficial for us all. We welcome your feedback.

Funeral Strategy

Glasgow Central Mosque have been working closely with government officials, local authorities and the NHS to understand the burial process during these difficult and unprecedented times.  We wanted to compile a policy which will allow the Muslim community to bury their members in a manner fulfilling the Islamic etiquettes.

There have been concerns raised with regards to cremation. This is not now, nor was it at any stage a possibility in Scotland due to a devolved directive protecting the rights of religious faith groups to have the choice of burying their loved ones. The recent law change in England sees England effectively come into line with the position in Scotland.

We will endeavor to guide and lead the Muslim community in Scotland through this difficult period and all we ask of you, is your support. Guidelines regarding the funeral (Janaza) process have been put together based on current directives, which may change over the coming days and weeks but we will keep you informed as appropriate.

See below for full details:



GCM Advice & Support Centre

Glasgow Central Mosque has established this centre to support our local community during this difficult and challenging time. Some of the services we will be providing are:

  • Support for the elderly and vulnerable with shopping, collecting medication and any other healthcare services.
  • Support elderly living alone with hot meals and food parcels.
  • Support those that are self-isolating or directly affected by COVID-19 with shopping, medication and appointments including pick up and drop off services.
  • Provide advice through our Advice Line on the Do’s and Don’ts with the latest government guidelines along with information on what facilities and services are open detailing the support available within the community.
  • Provide advice on Healthcare collaborating with pharmacists, doctors and dentists.
  • Islamic advice through our Imams and Alimahs.

To facilitate this we require a team of volunteers and would request those with access to a vehicle to complete the form below:


If you are aware of an elderly or vulnerable person who would require assistance, please call our advice line number and provide relevant details.

Advice Line:   0141 429 3132

We are also open to suggestions of how else we can help.

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