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Sun, 3 Dec 2023
19 Jumada I 1445
Fajr6:12 am7:00 am
Sunrise8:20 am
Zuhr12:13 pm1:00 pm
Asr I/II 1:32 pm / 2:00 pm2:10 pm
Maghrib3:54 pm3:54 pm
Isha6:06 pm8:45 pm
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Weekly Programmes for Brothers & Sisters

Education teaches us how to think, how to work and how to make decisions. It is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old, wealth to the poor and ornament to the rich.

Visitor Feedback

It is so wonderful when buildings open their doors to the public and we learned so much about the building and history of Islam. Please thank everyone involved. 

Karen Lindsay

Everyone was so friendly, helpful and welcoming. They were wonderful ambassadors for your religion and community. 

Hilary Patterson

Very impressed with prayer discipline and with the faiths attitude to taking care of your neighbour.  Very welcoming and informative.


Extremely interesting and useful tours.  I now know and understand a lot more.  Thanks.

Hugh Potts

Thank you so much.  Amazing religion, culture and people.  Grateful to have been on the tour and to go to the female prayer room.  

Trish Harwood

It was a fabulous insight into the Muslim faith. Thank you.

Ali Kelly

Was a great tour.  Very Informative.  Having the reverts present for women was especially good.

Jennifer Fauch

Wanted to see this building for years.  You could not be more welcoming. Thank you.

Maria Burke

Really interesting talk, great emphasis on shared common ground among faiths.  Honoured to be here.

Annie Hill

Very Interesting visit.  The peace  in the mosque is very powerful.  Thank you for allowing the visit.

Daniel Sproull

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