Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Glasgow Central Mosque currently runs a Vulnerable People and Families Project in order to improve the welfare of older people and their carers by creating a safe environment for them to socialise with other Muslims and to participate in various activities which includes a daily hot lunch.

The centre runs Monday to Thursday from 11am to 2pm and includes the following services and activities:

  • Pick Up and Drop Off (Limited Availability)
  • Hot Lunch
  • Sewing, Cookery, Art, Computing and Reading
  • Health Awareness Seminars
  • Cultural Events
  • Outings and Excursions

Primary Contact: Muhammad Ramzan – 07803124542
Committee Contact: Irfan Razzaq – 07973232176

Poverty Relief

One of the greatest acts of kindness is to give charity to the poor, the needy and the weak. However, in Islam, charity is also a great act of worship. We believe that it is the duty of every single Muslim to help his/her fellow human beings in their time of need, as the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, nor should he hand him over to an oppressor. Whoever fulfilled the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs; whoever brought his brother out of a discomfort, Allah will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Resurrection, and whoever screened a Muslim, Allah will screen him on the Day of Resurrection.” Sahih Bukhari number 622.

We are helping to tackle poverty in Glasgow. We identified those most in need as well as channels through which we can help. We initially appealed for both one-off and regular donations from the Muslim community and were overwhelmed by the response. The result was monthly standing orders as well as weekly donations of cooked food and fresh fruit.

A weekly soup kitchen is now running in the city centre. Initially, we fed approximately twenty homeless service users, both Muslim and non-Muslim, but as word has spread and our reputation has increased, we now cater for around eighty service users. We now operate the most popular soup kitchen in Glasgow.

We have learned that most Muslim asylum seekers and refugees have limited or no access to halal meat and fresh produce. Through the support of the Muslims of Glasgow, the anti-poverty initiative provides over 100 weekly food packs to the asylum seekers and refugees of the Red Road residential blocks. Every Sunday, our volunteers collect donations from businesses all over Glasgow and then pack and distribute food parcels to destitute asylum seekers and refugees the very same day.

Every Tuesday, we provide thirty additional food packs to destitute asylum seekers through Positive Action in Housing, a legal drop-in centre in Glasgow. These food packs are a lifeline to our service users, some of whom have no income or accommodation.

We have come across asylum seekers suffering in the cold weather – people that did not have the means to change their clothing for many months. Glasgow Homeless Shelter appealed to us for warm clothing and the Muslim community donated hundreds of garments for the benefit of the destitute people in Glasgow.

We aim to continue our food distribution and are working with our scholars to create a trust fund, through which funds can be given directly to impoverished and destitute people within Glasgow.

Primary Contact: Alim Rafiq Sher – 07532383356
Committee Contact: Ehsan-ul-Haque Mian – 07809155538

Function Suite Booking

Please complete the form below and we will be back in touch to confirm your booking.

Which hall are you looking to book?

Date From:

Date To:

Are you looking to use the Kitchen?

Terms & Conditions:
1. The user will maintain and respect the sanctity of the mosque.
2. In light of the teachings of our faith, serving alcohol, singing, dancing, playing music, drum beating and firework displays are not allowed.
3. The cost for social events is £1,200 from Monday to Thursday and £1,500 from Friday to and Sunday.
4. The cost for charity non-fundraising events is £800 and fundraising events is £1,000. All charities are required to fill out this form and provide a supporting letter detailing the event.
5. 50% Deposit to secure booking, 3 week cancellation otherwise deposit in lost. Remaining balance to be paid 1 week before function.
6. The suite will be handed over to the user two hours before the start of the function.
7. The cost of repairs resulting from damage caused to the hall will be charged to the hiring party.
8. An additional deposit of £500 is required to use the kitchen. Use of the kitchen costs £50/hour. The time of entry and leaving the kitchen will be noted. The hirer must provide the name of the caterer.
9. We provide facilities for separate seating for men and women.
10. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safety of their guests at the function.
11. Not abiding by the rules above or misinformation about the intended purpose will result in cancellation of the booking. All activities will be stopped at once and the hall will be evacuated without any refund.
12. The hall cannot be used for any commercial purpose.
13. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the mosque boundaries.

I have read and accept the Terms & Conditions.

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Function Suite

We have a magnificent suite available for hire which is ideal for weddings, dinners, fundraisers, lectures, conferences and exhibitions.

An additional bonus is that the mosque will receive a boost in funding, which recycles the money back to you and your family, the community at large, and will also benefit you in the next life.


  • Up to 62 circular tables (each holding 10-12 people).
  • Up to 900 chairs in a seating-only configuration (we have 720 chairs).
  • Stage.
  • Partition.
  • Full PA System available.
  • Large, free and secure car park. Our venue is preferred by sisters in hijab and niqab.
  • CCTV indoors and outdoors.
  • Ground-floor access.
  • Reception area.
  • Baby changing facility.
  • VIP lounge.
  • Ease of access to Glasgow Central Mosque prayer hall. Your guests will prefer our wudhu facilities to those at alternative venues.
  • Servery.
  • Commercial kitchen with hobs and refrigeration (additional £50/hour)

Main Community Hall Suite Cost

  • £1,200/day – Monday to Thursday
  • £1,500/day – Friday to Sunday
  • £1,000/day – Charities fundraising
  • £ 800/day – Charities non-fundraising
  1. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking. There is a three-week cancelation period, otherwise the deposit will be lost. The remaining balance must be paid at least one week before the event.
  2. The event must be shariah compliant as per the guidance on the paper booking form.
  3. For food served at funerals, the suite will be provided free of charge as a gesture of goodwill.
  4. All charities are required to fill out a form and provide a supporting letter detailing the event.

Please note the prices quoted above do not include crockery, cutlery, decoration, food, etc.

If you want to book, discuss prices or layout options, please contact us. It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.

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Mosque Tour

We offer a guided tour to individuals, schools and organisations around the mosque.

The Mosque tours generally take place Monday to Thursday with either a 10:30, 11:40 or 13:30 start (14:30 in the summer) and last up to one hour but can be as long or as short as you wish.

It is best for you to have some dates in mind then you can contact the office direct on 0141 429 3132,  book online using the link below or email us at info@centralmosque.co.uk.

There is no specific dress code for men but please avoid shorts. For women, if possible, it’s best if they keep their arms and legs fully covered with a scarf over their head. You are requested to bear in mind that you will be asked to remove your shoes at some time during the visit – this is to help maintain the sanctity of the prayer area.

You will be taken around the outside and inside of the Mosque including the prayer hall. Themes that will be discussed include general Islamic principles, the five pillars of Islam, the history and architecture of the Mosque, minarets and the call to prayer (Azaan).

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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When you are at your lowest point, we can help you through it by picking up your loved one from the mortuary in one of our hearses, arranging a grave, washing the body and providing transportation to the cemetery. The cost is kept as low as possible by our use of volunteers rather than paid staff. Telephone us on 0141 429 3132 to be guided through the process following a sudden death.

If you have been given more time to prepare, please read our funeral guide, although we will guide you through the process regardless.


Primary Contact: Mohammed Salim – 07790902782
Secondary Contact: Nazir Ahmad – 07890195170


Today all Muslim deaths in Glasgow and the surrounding areas are reported to the Glasgow Central Mosque (GCM) office. These deaths in general occur at the hospital or in some exceptional cases at home where patients have been sent home with the knowledge that death may occur.

After Ghusl and Janazah, the deceased are then buried in either the Old Cemetery in Cathcart (Netherlee Road, G44 3ST) or the New Cemetery (700 Carmunnock Road, G45 9QE) in Castlemilk.

Guidelines & Costs

All costs MUST be settled before burial.

Old Cathcart Cemetery – £3,825 approx:

  • £3,285 to East Renfrewshire Council
  • £540 to GCM (£370 coffin, £170 hearse)
    There is no cost for burial sheets at the moment as these are donated
  • No burials take place on Christmas Day or New Years Day
  • Additional charges apply for Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday burials

* Note:- Costs are subject to change. If you live in East Renfrewshire the rates will be slightly lower & the £540 includes the maintenance cost of GCM morgue

New Castlemilk Cemetery – £2,770 approx:

  • £2,230 to Glasgow City Council
  • £540 to GCM (£370 coffin, £170 hearse
    There is no cost for burial sheets at the moment as these are donated
  • No burials on Christmas Day or New Years Day

*Note:- Costs are subject to change. The layer box is not approved for old cemetery & £540 includes maintenance cost of GCM morgue. No additional costs on weekend

The Process

Any member of the public can contact our dedicated Funeral Management Team 24/7 who are present to answer any questions and support you through the process if required. This is a difficult time for all and we understand the sensitivity along with the urgency to deal with the matter in hand.

In order for GCM to pick up the deceased body from either the house or the hospital morgue a death certificate is required. Without this GCM cannot collect the body therefore the first question asked once informed is:

“Do you have a death certificate?”

This will be provided by the hospital or in an exceptional case if the death has occurred at home and no hospital check-in is required (was expected) only then the GP will be able provide a certificate or verification of death letter. This may also be requested from NHS24.

If the death occurs in the hospital the body must be transferred to the hospital mortuary before it can be picked up by GCM. The hospitals WILL NOT transfer the body until the family clears the room. On many occasions you have family members making an assumption that the body will be collected from the ward however this is not the case. This can take anytime between 1 to 4 hours.

Before leaving the hospital, all bodies must be checked in at the mortuary and will be checked out at the mortuary. The movement of the body from the ward to the mortuary is managed by the hospital itself. GCM cannot collect until the mortuary approve release of the body.

This certificate allows GCM to transfer the body to the Mosque mortuary but does not permit a burial. To confirm burial permission the family must:

  • Register the death at 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ (Tel: 0141 287 7658). Or at any registration office in Scotland – it doesn’t need to be the district where the person lived or died.
  • Register the death via GCM if it occurs on Weekends or Public Holidays
  • Obtain the death certificate registration from 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ
  • Obtain form 14 from 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ (this permits burial in the graveyard)

Please note the grave can ONLY be ordered with a form 14 and for same day burial the form MUST be handed over to GCM by 10:00 for the OLD Cathcart cemetery and 11:00 for the NEW Castlemilk cemetery.

The Process for International Transfer

Alternative paperwork is required for bodies being transferred abroad. The following list includes all relevant documentation to be obtained:

  • Death Certificate from the Hospital or GP
  • Death Registration via 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ
  • Free of Infection Certificate
  • Form 14
  • Passport
  • All relevant travel documents
  • Two nominees who are going to receive the body at the relevant destination

The costs for international transfers will vary depending on destination.


Family life is a building block of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy. We can perform religious marriages, which are recognised by the law.

A marriage ceremony (Nikah) at Glasgow Central Mosque must also be a religious marriage (i.e. the legal equivalent of a civil marriage conducted by a registrar). Our imams are authorised to solemnise religious marriages, therefore it is not necessary to have a separate civil marriage. If the civil marriage has already taken place, please bring the marriage certificate on the day.

Step 1 – Marriage Ceremony Form

Complete the Marriage Ceremony Form which can be obtained from our office or downloaded. There is no fee to pay. You must provide the following information:

  • Date (this must be more than 28 days in the future – see Step 2).
  • Time
  • Mahr
  • Witnesses

You will be provided with the name of the imam who will perform the marriage ceremony.

Download Form

Step 2 – Marriage Notice Application Form

At least 28 days (or 12 weeks if you have been married previously) before the marriage ceremony, both you and your fiancé(e) must independently submit a Marriage Notice Application Form in person or by post to the registration office.

The following resources provide further information:

Getting Married in Scotland
Marriage Notice Form

Each Marriage Notice Application Form must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Birth certificate.
  • If you have been married before:
  • Evidence of divorce, dissolution or annulment of the previous marriage.
  • Death certificate for your former spouse.
  • If you are domiciled abroad, a certificate of no impediment stating that you are free to marry. Contact your country’s embassy/consulate for advice.

If any of these documents are in a language other than English, a certified translator can provide you with a translation into English.
You will have to specify the marriage ceremony date, mosque address and imam name (see Step 1). Once you submit the Marriage Notice Application Form, details of the marriage will be displayed at the registration office for fourteen clear days before the marriage ceremony. The registration office will give you a date on which to collect the Marriage Schedule, which must be collected by either you or your fiancé(e) in person.

Step 3 – Marriage Ceremony

You must give the imam the Marriage Schedule and after the ceremony, two witnesses must sign it.

Step 4 – Return Marriage Schedule

The signed Marriage Schedule must be returned to the registration office within three working days after the marriage ceremony so that the marriage can be registered. The marriage certificate will be posted to you.

Childrens Classes

Quran Nazrah & Islamic Studies

Children are taught to recite Arabic with the correct pronunciation (Tajweed).  After a firm foundation has been established in the Qaidah, children progress to reciting the whole Quran e Karim.

Islamic studies lessons cover all main aspects of Islam including Seerah, Fiqh, Aqeedah and Islamic history.

Suitability: English speaking children Aged 6 upwards

Timings: Mon – Fri 5pm – 7pm

Additional Info: 6-7 year olds attend for 1 hour in smaller classes


Students memorise the entire Quran e Karim

Suitability: For those who have completed the Quran Nazrah course and can recite the Quran fluently with correct pronunciation (Tajweed)

Timings: Mon – Fri 5pm – 7:30pm

Additional Info: Currently we only have Hifz classes for boys based on demand


Students undertake an in depth study of Islam including Arabic language and grammar, Fiqh, Hadeeth and Quran

Suitability: Recommended for those of secondary school age

Timings (Boys): Mon – Fri 5pm – 7:15pm

Timings (Girls): Mon – Fri 5pm – 7:00pm

Urdu School

Students are taught to read, write and converse in Urdu.

Students graduate with a SQA Higher in Urdu

Suitability: Children aged 5 upwards

Timings: Sat – Sun 10:30am – 1:00pm

If you wish to enrol your children for any of the above classes please click the Apply Now button.

Apply Now

For any further queries please contact our Education Department on:

07563 022 463

Education Office opening times: Mon to Fri 4:30pm till 7:30pm.
Office will be closed when Jamaat is taking place.

Mosque Tour Booking

Please complete the form below and we will be back in touch to confirm your booking.

What date are you looking to attend? [Available Days: Mon, Tue, Wed or Thur]

What time are you looking to attend? [Select a Time Slot]

How many adults will be attending?

How many children will be attending?

Age Group

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Weekly Circles

Tajweed and Fiqh

Time: Monday, 8:45 PM all year round.
Location: Basement.
Suitability: English speaking brothers at all levels.

In the first part of this class, you will be asked to split into small groups of brothers, in which you will learn the correct pronunciation of the letters of the Holy Qur’an (tajweed).

The second part of this class focuses on learning about various fiqh issues from Maulana Abdul Ghafoor, e.g. Wudhu, Salah, etc.


Time: Tuesday, after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).
Location: Main Prayer Hall.
Suitability: Urdu speaking brothers and sisters at all levels.

With Maulana Habib Ur Rehman.

Quranic Studies

Time: Wednesday, after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).
Location: Main Prayer Hall.
Suitability: English speaking brothers and sisters at all levels.

With Maulana Abdul Ghafoor.

Durood Sharif Majlis

Time: Thursday, after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).
Location: Main Prayer Hall.
Suitability: Urdu speaking brothers and sisters at all levels.

Maulana Habib Ur Rehman will present a lecture in Urdu, including Faza’il-e-Durood Sharif.

Hadith Lecture

Time: Friday, after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).
Location: Main Prayer Hall.
Suitability: English speaking brothers and sisters at all levels.

Maulana Abdul Ghafoor will translate and explain the contents of Al-Adab Al-Mufrad, by Imam Bukhari.