18 May 2024

10 Dhū al-Qa'da 1445


When you are at your lowest point, we can help you through it by picking up your loved one from the mortuary in one of our hearses, arranging a grave, washing the body and providing transportation to the cemetery. The cost is kept as low as possible by our use of volunteers rather than paid staff.  Telephone us on 0141 429 3132 (option 4) to be guided through the process following a sudden death.

If you have been given more time to prepare, please read our funeral guide, although we will guide you through the process regardless.

Funeral Guide


Today all Muslim deaths in Glasgow and the surrounding areas are reported to the Glasgow Central Mosque (GCM) office. These deaths in general occur at the hospital or in some exceptional cases at home where patients have been sent home with the knowledge that death may occur.

After Ghusl and Janazah, the deceased are then buried in the Linn Cemetery (off Carmunnock Road, 3 Rev’d MacAulay Rd, G45 9QE).

Please note the Cathcart Cemetery (Netherlee Road, G44 3PB) is now full.

Cathcart Cemetery (Muslim Section)

Click here for directions.

Linn Cemetery (Muslim Section)

Click here for directions.

All costs MUST be settled before burial.

Old Cathcart Cemetery:

Please note this Cemetery is now full.

New Castlemilk Cemetery:

£2,891 to Glasgow City Council

  • Internment – £1,125.00
  • Lair – £1,511.00
  • Wooden Grave Liner – £255.00

Out of hours surcharge – £120.00

£395 to GCM (coffin and mosque costs)

There is no cost for burial sheets at the moment as these are donated

No burials on Christmas Day or New Years Day

*Note:- Costs are correct as of April 2024 and subject to change. The layer box is not approved for old cemetery & £395 includes maintenance cost of GCM morgue. No additional costs on weekend.

Any member of the public can contact our dedicated Funeral Management Team 24/7 who are present to answer any questions and support you through the process if required. This is a difficult time for all and we understand the sensitivity along with the urgency to deal with the matter in hand.

In order for GCM to pick up the deceased body from either the house or the hospital morgue a death certificate is required. Without this GCM cannot collect the body therefore the first question asked once informed is:

“Do you have a death certificate?”

This will be provided by the hospital or in an exceptional case if the death has occurred at home and no hospital check-in is required (was expected) only then the GP will be able provide a certificate or verification of death letter. This may also be requested from NHS24.

If the death occurs in the hospital the body must be transferred to the hospital mortuary before it can be picked up by GCM. The hospitals WILL NOT transfer the body until the family clears the room. On many occasions you have family members making an assumption that the body will be collected from the ward however this is not the case. This can take anytime between 1 to 4 hours.

Before leaving the hospital, all bodies must be checked in at the mortuary and will be checked out at the mortuary. The movement of the body from the ward to the mortuary is managed by the hospital itself. GCM cannot collect until the mortuary approve release of the body.

This certificate allows GCM to transfer the body to the Mosque mortuary but does not permit a burial. To confirm burial permission the family must:

  • Register the death at 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ (Tel: 0141 287 7658).
  • You must book an appointment online here.  Or at any registration office in Scotland – it doesn’t need to be the district where the person lived or the death occurred.
  • Register the death via GCM if it occurs on Weekends   or Public Holidays
  • Obtain the death certificate registration from 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ
  • Obtain form 14 from 45 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ (this permits burial in the graveyard)

Please note the grave can ONLY be ordered with a form 14 and for same day burial the form MUST be handed over to GCM by 11:00.

For International Transfer please contact us on 0141 429 3132 (option 4)


Please complete this form to notify Glasgow Central Mosque about a death.

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