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28 February 2024

18 Sha'ban 1445

Brothers Wudhu Refurbishment

Joint Statement

Learn CPR

“Whoever saves the life of a person it is as if he has saved the whole of humanity” Al Quran [5:32]

This Friday, 27th October at Glasgow Central Mosque, between 1pm and 8pm , St Andrew’s First Aid will be providing life saving training covering CPR, the Recovery Position and how to use a defibrillator.

The event is open to both males and females. (females taught separately by female instructors).

Training only lasts 15 minutes and your attendance could make the difference between a positive and tragic outcome in a medical emergency.

Please see arrangements below:

1pm to 4pm – small community hall
4pm to 8pm – small prayer hall

1pm to 4pm – ladies prayer hall
4pm to 8pm – small community hall

No booking required.

Palestine Emergency Appeal

Glasgow Central Masjid will be launching its appeal for donations tomorrow to support the humanitarian effort in Palestine. 
The situation in Gaza is extremely heartbreaking, to see hundreds of thousands without basic necessities such as food and water.
Your donations will be held in trust, to be sent urgently without delay as soon as channels open, therefore minimising the time to organise aid.
Please donate generously through cash and contactless at the mosque or by bank transfer.
ACCOUNT NO: 00511932
SORT CODE: 80-07-61
We also request you to support Palestine morally and through your Duas. May Allah swt grant our brothers and sisters strength and patience during this difficult period.

Sisters Wudhu Refurbishment

Statement from SAM – Gaza

Maulana Saeed Yusuf Palandari DB

Visit My Mosque Open Day

On Sunday 24th September 2023 from 11am to 5pm, Glasgow Central Mosque will take part in #VisitMyMosque day.

Step inside and see Scotland’s first purpose-built mosque featuring Islamic architecture, marvellous red sandstone, an arabesque courtyard, walled garden, iconic minaret and dome which fills the main prayer hall with natural light.

We invite you for a chat, guided tours and an Islamic exhibition.

Guided tours will take place at the following times:

– 11:30
– 12:30
– 14:30
– 15:30
– 16:30

Free admission. No booking required. Invite your neighbours, friends and work colleagues.

We look forward to welcoming you again!

#VisitMyMosque #OpenDay #GlasgowMosque

Libya & Morocco Appeals

Glasgow Central Mosque is deeply saddened to hear of the devastating floods in Libya and the earthquake that has decimated parts of Morocco. Thousands have lost their lives, with many in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.
It’s important that we show our solidarity with those affected by not only donating funds, but also praying for the victims, the survivors, those still trapped and the emergency workers.
Donate Now to help alleviate the suffering of those in dire need.
ACCOUNT NO: 00511932
SORT CODE: 80-07-61
May Allah swt grant our brothers and sisters strength and patience during this difficult period.

Hifz Graduation Ceremony

Glasgow Central Mosque is delighted to host its annual Hifz Graduation Ceremony on Saturday 23rd September in the company of our honourable and special guests.

This will take place after the Maghrib Salah (7.20pm) in the Main Prayer Hall, which will also include Qiraat, Naats and Dastaar Bandi for the children who have completed the memorisation of the Glorious Quran.

Brothers & Sisters are welcome with hot food being served at the end of the programme.

May Allah (swt) make this event beneficial for us all, make our Huffaz an asset for the Ummah and reward all those who have supported our education classes.