Our Values

Together we always look to build upon the foundations laid by the previous generations for Scotland’s most iconic mosque.

The Muslims of Glasgow want a welcoming place to worship with compassionate and professional people helping to provide services that make the community proud.

To achieve this we always look to provide:

  • Professionalism: striving for excellence in everything we do. The mosque management take it upon themselves to make the mosque a welcoming place, acting professionally and with consideration at all times. We have zero tolerance for non-compliance with the constitution.
  • Diversity: represent the community, at the service of the community. We strive to organise ourselves to be representative and inclusive. Women, young people and different ethnicities must be empowered to maximise their thus far untapped potential. We will encourage members of the community to step forward and help make this happen.
  • Education: strive to be the centre of Islamic knowledge in Scotland. With our experienced Imams we aim to provide multi-tier, professional Islamic education with classes for young children through to the elderly.
  • Services: provide services the community needs. We support those in need, help our new Muslims, revive the elderly day care centre, support our mothers with young children, and make our mosque fun and exciting for our next generation of Muslims.
  • Maintenance: invest in the maintenance of the mosque. We pay greater attention to the general upkeep and cleanliness of the mosque, with short- and long-term building improvement plans being implemented after professional consultation.
  • Engagement: playing our part in the local and global community. We will work to empower the community by building a stronger volunteer base so we can work together and help each other going forward.

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