• 16Nov

    Drugs & Alcohol

    1 Mosque Avenue, Glasgow

Glasgow Central Mosque will be delivering a short course for parents and young adults on what you should know about Drugs & Alcohol.

This will take place on Saturday 16th November at 6pm in the Small Community Hall, In’sha’allah.

Click HERE to book your place now and pay online via our DONATE Page.  Please select “Essential Learning” under the Campaign/Appeal section:











The problems of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse are prevalent in our society and may be at your doorstop or lurking around the corner without you knowing. Drugs are easy to get hold of, destroy lives, break up families and lead to criminality. They are detrimental to our Deen, Dunya and Akhirah and it is more important than ever that we are all clear about the challenges.

Themes include:

Islam & substance abuse
The impact of drugs and alcohol on health
Types of drugs
Availability of drugs and alcohol in your locality
Youth culture
Support and counselling for users and families

The course is in English and open to both brothers and sisters (no children under 16).

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