Function Suite Booking

Function Suite Booking

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    Terms & Conditions:
    1. The user will maintain and respect the sanctity of the mosque.
    2. In light of the teachings of our faith, serving alcohol, singing, dancing, playing music, drum beating and firework displays are not allowed.
    3. The cost for social events is £1,200 from Monday to Thursday and £1,500 from Friday to and Sunday.
    4. The cost for charity non-fundraising events is £800 and fundraising events is £1,000. All charities are required to fill out this form and provide a supporting letter detailing the event.
    5. 50% Deposit to secure booking, 3 week cancellation otherwise deposit is lost. Remaining balance to be paid 1 week before function. Hall booking forms must be submitted at least one month in advance.
    6. The suite will be handed over to the user two hours before the start of the function.
    7. The cost of repairs resulting from damage caused to the hall will be charged to the hiring party.
    8. An additional deposit of £500 is required to use the kitchen. Use of the kitchen costs £50/hour. The time of entry and leaving the kitchen will be noted. The hirer must provide the name of the caterer.
    9. We provide facilities for separate seating for men and women.
    10. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safety of their guests at the function.
    11. Not abiding by the rules above or misinformation about the intended purpose will result in cancellation of the booking. All activities will be stopped at once and the hall will be evacuated without any refund.
    12. The hall cannot be used for any commercial purpose.
    13. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the mosque boundaries.

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