22 June 2024

16 Dhū al-Hijjah 1445

Pakistan Floods Appeal

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Medical Camps £200 – Monthly Food Pack £30

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Update 1

Having seen the devastating floods in Pakistan, Glasgow Central Mosque, with the help of your kind donations, has managed to distribute aid directly to the town of Jafrabad, Balochistan. This area, along with Nasirabad, have been identified as having received little or no aid, and the decision was made to focus our attentions here.
One of our Executive Committee members has travelled to the affected areas and worked with a national NGO (Al-Khidmat Foundation) to help identify those most in need and establish what support was required. We have set up links with local agencies to allow us to deliver aid directly, ensuring we can meet their most urgent requirements.
On Day 1 food distribution was administered for 300 families in 2 villages in Jafrabad. This included a months supply of rations for each family (flour, sugar, tea, lentils etc).
May Allah swt grant our brothers and sisters the strength and patience in this difficult period.

Update 2

Glasgow Central Mosque, through your kind donations, has donated a Mobile Medical Unit to affected areas from the recent floods in Pakistan. The unit will reach those unable to access medical care and will be supported by a full team of medical professionals from Al-Khidmat.

The unit has been fully adapted with a state-of-the-art lab, a full dispensary, doctor’s room and a clinical room with monitoring equipment such as an ultrasound machine and ECG. It is also fitted with 2 AC units, a generator and solar panels to ensure it has power in remote areas.

It will work primarily in the Jafrabad and Nasirabad areas in Balochistan over the next year, giving much needed medical care to all including sick children and pregnant women. Thereafter the mobile medical unit will be utilised for any future natural disasters.

Update 3

Under the supervision of one of our Executive Committee members, Glasgow Central Mosque has continued its support of people affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan. Isolated villages in Jafrabad were identified, where no aid had been delivered at all.
Glasgow Central Mosque was able to deliver aid to four of these villages. Tents were erected, medical camps were set up and food parcels were distributed giving much needed aid to those most affected. These people were desperate, hungry and suffering from malnutrition.

Update 4

Glasgow Central Mosque has continued to support the efforts in Pakistan to provide aid to those affected by the devastating floods which still affects millions of people.
Again under the supervision of one of our Executive Committee members, we have delivered much needed aid to several affected areas.
The first of these were in two locations, Dir and Chitral in northern Pakistan where food and winter packs were distributed to over 500 people.

Update 5

Under the supervision of Glasgow Central Mosque, our team has now travelled to the south of Pakistan to continue their distribution for flood affected families. We have targeted villages which had received no aid, largely due to inaccessible roads with our team travelling miles on difficult tracks.
The team had planned to provide much needed aid to 4 villages in Nasirabad in the Sindh province. The first of these were in the districts of ‘Manju Shoro’ and ‘Rabi Canal’ where 60 tents were erected, 300 monthly food packs and 300 winter packages were distributed to families.

By Glasgow Central Mosque on 30/08/2022 in News, Welfare