12 July 2024

6 Muharram 1446


Poverty Relief

Our Poverty Relief project supports over 200 service users, individuals and families, from across Glasgow, every week. At least 150 food & essentials parcels are prepacked by volunteers, as well […]

By gcm on 26/05/2024 in News, Welfare

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Hypertension Awareness

Glasgow Central Mosque is pleased to continue working in partnership with the NHS, British Heart Foundation and University of Glasgow to raise awareness about Hypertension. High blood pressure (Hypertension) is […]

By gcm on 13/05/2024 in News, Welfare

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Sudan Emergency Appeal

More than a year of civil war has led to one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises in Sudan. Half of Sudan’s population, over 24 million people, are affected: – […]

By gcm on 09/05/2024 in News, Welfare

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Fitrana Distribution

Glasgow Central Mosque works with carefully selected NGO partners to ensure 100% of your donations are distributed directly to the needy. In the month of Ramadhan 2024, your fitrana donations […]

By gcm on 14/04/2024 in News, Welfare

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Learn CPR

“Whoever saves the life of a person it is as if he has saved the whole of humanity” Al Quran [5:32] This Friday, 27th October at Glasgow Central Mosque, between […]

By Glasgow Central Mosque on 25/10/2023 in News, Welfare

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Palestine Emergency Appeal

Glasgow Central Masjid will be launching its appeal for donations tomorrow to support the humanitarian effort in Palestine. The situation in Gaza is extremely heartbreaking, to see hundreds of thousands […]

By Glasgow Central Mosque on 19/10/2023 in News, Welfare

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Libya & Morocco Appeals

Glasgow Central Mosque is deeply saddened to hear of the devastating floods in Libya and the earthquake that has decimated parts of Morocco. Thousands have lost their lives, with many […]

By Glasgow Central Mosque on 15/09/2023 in News, Welfare

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