Ramadhan 2021/1442 Announcement

Following the Imam’s meeting tonight, Glasgow Central Mosque will be observing the first fast of Ramadhan on Wednesday 14th April, which means Taraweeh commences tomorrow night, In’sha’Allah.

We kindly request everyone that has a confirmed Taraweeh Booking to plan their journey to the Masjid.  Arrive on time, park conscientiously and listen to the instructions of the stewards & volunteers.

Within the Masjid we request you follow all covid-19 guidelines in place with the correct etiquettes by keeping noise to a minimum and keeping the masjid clean and tidy.

The GCM Ramadhan timetable can be viewed or downloaded here.

May Allah SWT grant everybody all the spiritual benefits of Ramadhan.

Jaz’a’kallah Khair

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