Study of Hadeeth

Glasgow Central Mosque will be delivering a short course introducing essential aspects of Hadeeth study. This course aims to help the keen student gain an appreciation of the virtue of Hadeeth; its status, intricacy and complexity. It also introduces key terms and recommends further study material

This will take place on Saturday 26th January at 6pm in the Small Community Hall, In’sha’allah.

Themes include:

  • The virtue of Hadeeth knowledge
  • Recording, collation and categorisation
  • The authority of Hadeetlh
  • The need for exposition & commentary
  • The relation between Hadeeth & Fiqh
  • The rise of literalism & its implications

Book your place HERE. Please bring your registration fee reference or make payment on the day.

The course is in English and open to both brothers and sisters (no children under 16).

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