Annual Madrassah Jalsa

Glasgow Central Mosque is delighted to host its Annual Madrassah Jalsa on Sunday 30th June in the company of our Special Guest Hadhrat Maulana Yusuf Motala Sahib, a student of the late Shaikh Al-Hadith Muhammad Zakariyya al-Kandhalwi and Shaykh ul Hadeeth in Darul Uloom, Bury.

The first part of the programme will take place in the Main Community Hall after Dhuhr (2pm) where there will be student presentations and an Awards Ceremony.

Hadhrat’s talk will take place in the second part of our programme at 5.30pm in the Main Prayer Hall, which will also include Qiraat, Naats and Dastaar Bandi for the children who have completed the memorisation of the Glorious Quran.

Brothers & Sisters are welcome with hot food being served at the end of the programme.

We expect the Masjid to be busy. Once again we would like to remind brothers and sisters about parking. Please arrive early, car share where possible and park responsibly, following the instructions of our Stewards & Volunteers.

May Allah (swt) make this event beneficial for us all.

Shawwal Fasting

Observing six days of fasting during Shawwal together with the Ramadan fasts, are equivalent to fasting all year round.

Those brothers and sisters who were following the GCM Ramdhan timetable for Fajr and Sehri can now view the Shawwal timetable HERE.  A paper copy can also be requested from the Main Office within Glasgow Central Mosque.

Those brothers and sisters that followed the earlier prayer timetable during Ramadhan can continue to follow the same timetable and the GCM website for Sehri and Fajr in Shawwal.

May Allah (swt) grant us the strength and ability to keep these six additional fasts.


Eid Al-Fitr Announcement

Following the Imam’s meeting tonight, GCM are pleased to confirm that Eid Al-Fitr will be on Wednesday 5th June 2019, In’sha’allah.

This will mark the first day of Shawwal 1440 AH.

The prayer times in GCM will be as follows:

Fajr Jamaat will be at 4.15am

Eid prayer times are:

5am (preceded by a talk in English)

8am (preceded by a talk in both English and Urdu)

10.15am (preceded by a talk inEnglish)

Once again we would remind brothers and sisters about parking. Please arrive early, car share where possible and park responsibly, following the instructions of our stewards and volunteers.

Finally, SADAQAH AL-FITR (also Fitrana) is Wajib (compulsory) upon all Muslims – men, women and children – who on the day of Eid Al Fitr possess the Nisab (threshold) of Zakah. This is £4 per person and should be paid BEFORE Eid Salah.

On the day of Eid it is recommended by our Ulema to :

-Wake early for Tahajjud and Fajr
-Perform ghusl
-Wear your best available clothes
-Use Miswak and fragrance
-Eat something sweet before leaving for Eid Salaat
-Have paid Sadqatul Fitr
-Go one way to masjid and return a different way
-When going to Eid Salaat, recite the following takbir softly

الله أكبر ، الله أكبر ، لا إله إلا الله ، والله أكبر ، الله أكبر ، ولله الحمد

Finally, we must keep the momentum which we have built up in Ramadhan going all year round with the support of Allah swt to keep us on the straight path. May Allah swt shower his mercy on this blessed day of Eid and may it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness. And may the Noor of Allah swt enlighten our hearts. Ameen

Jazak’Allah Khair

Itikaf 2019

As we get closer to the last 10 days of this blessed month, the opportunity to enter the Masjid as a Mu’takif for I’tikaf is now available.

What is I’tikaf?

“To confine oneself in a mosque for prayers, invocations and Ibadah, leaving the worldly activities for a limited number of days”

I’tikaf is a Sunnah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ. It is related on the authority of our mother Ayesha (RA) that:

“The Apostle of Allah ﷺ observed I’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadhan, until the end of his life. After his death, his wives continued with it.” – Bukhari and Muslim.

The purpose of I’tikaf is to seek a favourable environment in which one can get closer to Allah (SWT). This confinement and devotion distances preoccupations with worldly life; allowing one to attain inner composure, serenity and focus purely on the greater eternal reality. The aim being to reach a state of mind whereby all fears, hopes and apprehensions are superseded by love, devotion, and remembrance of Allah (SWT).

When will I’tikaf begin?

I’tikaf will begin at Maghrib on the night of 21st Ramadhan (26th May) insha’Allah.

Brothers wishing to perform I’tikaf at Glasgow Central Mosque should complete the I’tikaf 2018 Registration Form which can be downloaded here and must be submitted to the main office, 1 Mosque Avenue, Glasgow, G5 9TA. Alternatively, a hard copy is available from Glasgow Central Mosque.

Sisters can dedicate an area/room at home where they may remain for their I’tikaf.

May Allah (SWT) accept our fasting, prayers and worship during this blessed month.

New To Islam

Glasgow Central Mosque are pleased to commence weekly classes for new Muslims. This is for brothers only and will take place weekly on Mondays from 6pm to 7.30pm in the GCM Library.

To register and for more information please email

The reverts service for sisters will continue to take place fortnightly on Fridays from 6.30pm to 8.30pm in the GCM Small Community Hall. For more information please email


Preparing for Ramadhan

Glasgow Central Mosque will be delivering a short course on preparing for Ramadhan. This course is a must to learn and revise the essentials of Ramadhan.

This will take place on Saturday 20th April at 6pm in the Small Community Hall, In’sha’allah.

Click HERE to book your place now and pay online.

Please bring your registration fee reference or make payment on the day.

The course is in English and open to both brothers and sisters (no children under 16).

Spring Conference

Glasgow Central Mosque presents its Spring Conference on ‘Understanding the Age of Technology & Islamic Values’ with chief guest Maulana Mahmood Chandia. This will take place on Saturday 13th April from Asr (7pm) to Isha (10pm), In’sha’Allah.

Maulana Mahmood Chandia has attended a diverse range of Institutions. After memorising the Quran, he pursued Islamic and Arabic Language Studies at a traditional Muslim Institute of Learning in England. This was followed by undergraduate studies leading to a Batchelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from the renowned Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. Maulana then progressed to Post-graduate studies leading to a Master of Arts (1992) and Ph.D in Middle Eastern Studies (1999), at the University of Manchester, England. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a teacher of Hadith at Darul Uloom Bolton and a Senior Lecturer at Lancashire University.

There will also be an English talk by Maulana Ebrahim Esakjee from Walsall (Ustaz e Hadith & Vice President Masjid Al-Farouq Walsaal) and a Urdu talk by Maulana Mohammad Juned Sarigat from Walsall (Imam Masjid Al-Farouq & Ustaz e Hadith).

May Allah (swt) make this event beneficial for us all.

Brothers and Sisters welcome. Hot food will be served.

There will also be a live audio broadcast using the following links: (or

Illustrious Sahabah

Glasgow Central Mosque is pleased to host Hadrat Maulana Abdul Aleem Farooqui DB, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, President of Majlis Thaffuz-e-Namus-e-Sahaba, President of Majlis-e-Shura Darul Uloom Deoband, Principal of Darul Muballeghin Lucknow, and a member of Majlise Shura Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulema.

Hadrat Maulana’s Bayaan on the Illustrious Sahabah will take place on Sunday 31st March after the Maghrib Salah (7.59pm) In’sha’allah.

Speeches will be in English & Urdu including Qirat & Nasheed.

Brothers & Sisters welcome.

There will also be a live audio broadcast using the following links: (or

May Allah (swt) make this event beneficial for us all.

Maulana Tariq Jameel

Glasgow Central Mosque is pleased to host Maulana Tariq Jameel sahib on Friday 29th March after the Maghrib Salah (7pm), In’sha’Allah. All brothers and sisters are welcome.

We expect the Masjid to be exceptionally busy. Once again we would like to remind brothers and sisters about parking. Please arrive early, car share where possible and park responsibly, following the instructions of our Stewards & Volunteers.

There will be no double parking and no drop-offs allowed within the GCM car park. Once this is full and the entrance gates are closed, please make your way to either the Citizen’s Theatre, Co-op Supermarket or Glasgow Sheriff Court, as Alhamdulillah we have permission again to use their car parks.

Please note Maktab classes will be closed on this day.

We are also pleased to confirm this inspirational gathering will be broadcast live using the following links:

YouTube –

Mixlr – (or

UHF Radio – 454.40625 MHz

May Allah (swt) make this event beneficial for us all.

Tajweed Class

Learn to read and memorise the Qur’aan with Tajweed

Taught by Qari Nabiil Atchia who has specialised in advanced levels of Qira’ah including HAFS and the 7 and 10 variants (Saba & Asharah) of reciting the Ọur’aan

For brothers only – Aged 16 and over (registration required)

Every Wednesday 7.45pm to 8.45pm, commencing 27th March 2019

Located in the Small Prayer Room at Glasgow Central Mosque, 1 Mosque Avenue G5 9TA

To register and for more information email

1 4 5 6 7 8

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