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Glasgow Central Mosque is looking for a responsible, motivated and committed individual who is highly organised, can work flexibly and effectively within a challenging role to assist in delivering the very best of services.

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If you are interested, please apply by submitting your CV and application form by 23rd March 2018 to

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Unique Opportunity

Alhamdulillah the feedback from everyone on the new carpet has been immensely positive.  This was a big moment for the Muslims of Glasgow.  GCM holds memories, happy and sad, for so many in our community, whether it was Nikahs, Funerals, Ramadan, I’itikaf, Eid and much more.

Many Awliya and Ulema, as well as pious people who only Allah swt knows, have prayed at GCM for almost 35 years.  The old carpet therefore is a treasured part of the history of the Masjid.  Its removal and the installation of the new one, was an emotional rollercoaster for all involved.

Alhamdulillah, the old carpet, steeped in history and barakaat, is not going to waste.  Half of the carpet has been donated to Islamic institutions in Glasgow, to use as prayer areas.

For the second half, we have managed to cut approximately 450 individual Musullahs to a specific size and had them professionally bound, as pictured above.  These will be made available for the general public for a donation of £15, to help cover the costs, allowing everyone the opportunity to keep a piece of history.

Requests will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis and will be available from the main office at GCM.

For further information please call/text brothers on 07973232176 and sisters on 07923992856.


As you may be aware, there are works currently being carried out to the dome at Glasgow Central Mosque. GCM aims to improve the thermal efficiency of the dome by reducing heat loss which will help the mosque reduce its heating costs and carbon footprint.

This is a complex project due to the size and layout of the structure. A bespoke scaffold has been erected to provide access and facilitate the works. We hope that the works will be completed in the next few weeks In’sha’Allah.


Carpet & Mihrab Installation

By the grace of Allah swt, the installation of the carpet and the restoration of the Mihrab is now complete.

We thank you for your patience during the works and thank our volunteers for their efforts over recent weeks.

The Mihrab was commissioned by a leading designer creating a bespoke design. This was built by a specialist fabricator using laser cutting technology, finished with opal flush glass allowing light to disperse. The centre piece comprises of custom-made Jerusalem stone tiles made with porcelain.

The carpet has now been laid in the main prayer hall, small prayer hall, foyer and the full basement. The carpet has been sourced from a specialist carpet maker in Turkey and is comprised of 100% wool with a weight of 4500g/m2, making it one of the heaviest carpets available.

Maintaining the heritage of the mosque has been an essential part of the upgrade hence the bespoke designs reflect the original theme of the mosque.

GCM would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in ensuring the completion of the works within 5 days, especially the Taqwa team from London.

May Allah swt make our Masjid a source of blessing and reward all those who contributed towards it.

We invite you all to visit your new look Glasgow Central Mosque.

Jaz’a’kallah Khair


Alhamdulillah, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our new carpet for the main prayer hall. The installation of this carpet will complete the renovation program that has been undertaken over the last 12 months.

The carpet has been sourced from a specialist carpet maker in Turkey and is comprised of 100% wool with a weight of 4500g/m2, making it one of the heaviest carpets available.

Maintaining the heritage of the mosque has been an essential part of the upgrade hence a similar shade of green has been selected for the carpet which includes a bespoke design that reflects the original theme of the mosque.

The installation will commence on Friday 16th February with the aim to complete this in time for Jummah on Friday 23rd February, In’sha’Allah.

The entire refurbishment program is a result of the duas, efforts and financial contributions of our entire community and we express our wholehearted gratitude.

May Allah (swt) accept and reward these efforts.


Main Prayer Hall Works

Alhamdulillah, during the last month the Main Prayer Hall has been fully plastered and redecorated.

The walls were sanded to remove the old artex coating and following this the entire area was plastered.

The Main Prayer Hall was then redecorated which included painting the wall surfaces and features as well as varnishing woodwork such as main entrance doors and bookshelves. The colours used create a warmer, modern look and are in line with the original design of the Masjid.

We are grateful to the community for being patient while works were ongoing. May Allah SWT accept these humble efforts

Roof Repair

Alhamdulillah, essential repair and upgrade works to the roof of the Masjid have been completed.

Following a lengthy period of consultation with industry experts, the roots of the ongoing problems with the roof were identified. After securing a tender, the work began in January this year and completed in April.

The work involved a full renewal of the entire roof surface. We used the opportunity to also install high spec insulation boards in line with our green aspirations. The renewed roof was then covered, in its entirety, with a brand new all-weather membrane from a platinum rated manufacturer.

This is a tried and tested solution which is used in sports arenas as well as major commercial and industrial sites. It is backed by a significant guarantee from the manufacturer.

After a 6 month monitoring period with the contractors, the new roof has been signed off.

We pray Allah swt accepts these humble efforts.